Education Specialist

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The Educational Specialist Degree in Organizational Leadership provides professionals a pathway to becoming E.L.I.T.E. leaders in their chosen field while pursuing an advanced degree. The College of Education at United States University developed this program to focus on preparing visionary and leading-edge change agents, complex problem-solvers, and effective leaders of various types of enterprises, including education, government, business, healthcare, military, and nonprofit agencies to become leaders, innovate and provide new solutions in a time of rapid changes in our society. The program prepares adaptable professionals who are able to generate creative solutions and facilitate positive change and organizational transformation in their professional capacity. Learners are provided with expanded viewpoints relative to problem identification and applied resolution strategies in organizational ecosystems that can be volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. Graduates of this program are adaptable leaders who demonstrate the ability to disrupt the status quo with creative and useful innovations that lead to change and transformation that is viewed as impactful and valued. The EdS degree is a 42 credit degree that does not include the completion of a dissertation.

Core Requirements: