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Desbrow article accepted by the Journal of the American Academy of Special Education Professionals

Dr. Darlene Desbrow recently had an article accepted for publication by the Journal of the American Academy of Special Education…

July 25, 2019

DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing Faculty

Selected members of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences community will soon be honored with the DAISY Award for…

July 25, 2019

Dr. Amy Illingworth to serve as speaker at the United States University Commencement

Dr. Amy Illingworth has agreed to serve as speaker at the United States University Commencement Ceremony on September 14, 2019,…

July 25, 2019


United States University will be hosting its 2019 Commencement Ceremony on Saturday, September 14 at 10:00 AM at the Valley Marriott in San Diego, CA (8757 Rio San Diego Drive, 92108). Students along with their families and friends are invited to celebrate their graduation. Please consult for complete information.

Alumni Testimonials

  • I was highly satisfied with the program because it suited my financial, educational, and time-line needs in a professional manner.

    Robin Elkerton
  • I was satisfied because I feel that the courses were appropriate and challenging at the same time. The course material was challenging at times but made me think critically about many aspects in teaching. The professors were always willing to help and go the extra mile to help me fully comprehend the material. There was rarely a time when I felt lost or alone during my credential journey.

    Beatriz Corral
  • The admission counselor I spoke with answered all my questions about USU and I knew it was the right school for me. My reasons for choosing USU was that the course what mostly done online, which was the main feature I wanted in the program I choose because it allowed me to continue working while completing the credential program. Also, the low cost of tuition, small class sizes, immediate feedback from instructors and administration, the flexibility of how I could complete the program requirements convinced me to start and stay with USU throughout the credentialing process.

    Ryan Reyes
  • The flexibility of the program. I wanted to be able to keep my job with the San Diego Youth Symphony while getting my credential, something that would not have been possible with other options in the area. When I was already enrolled in the program I received an offer for a full time job in a different city, and because of the flexibility of the program and professors I was able to move to a new city and still meet my expectations for classes.

    Patrick Yanni
  • After speaking to different recruiters and administrators, I felt that USU’s philosophy of education was in-line with mine. Unlike other universities, United States University allowed me to continue to work while going to school and the program costs were closer to that of state schools than other online universities.

    Emmanuel Soto
  • The opportunity was too good to pass up, being that most of the program is done online, I was able to work my schedule around the classes.

    Joseph Aranas
    Alumni, Master of Science in Nursing

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