Empowering Those Who Serve

USU is dedicated to those who dedicate their lives to the cause of freedom. We offer a variety of financial assistance programs for active duty and veterans.

Veterans Administration Education Benefits

Veterans and/or dependents of veterans who are disabled or deceased may qualify for educational financial assistance through the Veterans Administration. Since the regulations regarding eligibility are quite extensive and often need interpretation, contact your local veteran’s service office. You may need a copy of your DD214.

All students receiving Veterans Educational benefits must maintain satisfactory academic progress in accordance with the regularly prescribed standards and practices of United States University. If the student is not making satisfactory academic progress according to these standards and practices, education benefits will be discontinued. Veteran and non-veteran students alike will be referred to Student Services for counseling to a program that may offer the possibility of success.

Military Tuition Assistance

As part of our continued support for our military personnel, USU matches the Military Tuition Assistance Program authorized through the armed forces to active duty military members. USU offers reduced tuition rates of $300 per credit for most graduate programs and $550 per credit for the MSN-FNP, DBA and DNP programs.

USU has committed to adhere to the Principles of Excellence set forth in Executive Order 13607.

United States University has committed to adhere to the Principles of Excellence set forth in Executive Order 13607.

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Other Veteran Resources

USU provides certification for veterans. You can make your studies even more affordable by making sure that you take advantage of your Tuition Assistance (TA) funding. Armed Forces TA funds are available to eligible members of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard. Tuition assistance programs provide assistance of 75 to 100 percent of allowable tuition costs, depending on the branch of service.

Military tuition assistance verification forms are obtained from your military education office. You will need to provide the course codes, class name and tuition costs per class to complete the form. Once a pre-approved tuition assistance verification form is obtained, you must provide a copy of that form to our Financial Aid Department.