Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

NOTE: The University is no longer accepting applications and enrolling for this degree.

The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies degree provides students with the understanding and skills to prepare them for careers or professions requiring knowledge based on the arts and humanities. The curriculum of Liberal Studies involves more than one discipline, fostering the understanding of people, nations, institutions, history, arts, sciences, and how these influenced the development of society and cultures.

Tuition Rate:


(including fees)

Monthly Payment Plan:

$375 per month

The College of Education offers the following Teacher Credentialing track approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC):
2042 Multiple Subject Preliminary Credential

The following course listings do not include general education requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies degree. Please refer to the University Catalog for more information on general education requirements.

Core Requirements:

Students are required to take 39 credits of electives selected from the list below.

Elective Requirements: