Bachelor of Education

United States University is in the process of seeking program approval for Title IV funding for this program. Students may use other methods of payment such as Monthly Payment Plan, Cash, Scholarships, as well as outside private loans in the meantime.

Please contact an enrollment advisor about options with our Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies Multiple Credential Track.

The Bachelor of Education degree provides students with the understanding and skills necessary to prepare them for careers or professions teaching or working with children in various roles. The curriculum for the education degree involves more than one discipline, fostering the understanding of people, nations, institutions, history, arts, sciences, and core courses for educators including a required two term, full time, student teaching experience. The Bachelor of Education is a Multiple Subject Credential Preparation program for students in California interested in teaching at the TK-6 level.

The following course listings do not include general education requirements for the Bachelor of Education degree. Please refer to the University Catalog for more information on general education requirements.

Core Courses:
Multiple Subject Preliminary Credential Requirements:

Elective Requirements

Students are required to take 18 credits of electives selected from the list below.