Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood Education

This graduate certificate program in Early Childhood Education is designed for teachers in a pre-school setting who want to enhance their career and deepen their knowledge of early childhood education and classroom management.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Examine the diverse needs, characteristics and multiple influences on the development of children, as appropriate to children birth through age 8.
  2. Demonstrate content and pedagogical knowledge necessary for successful performance in field settings
  3. Assess developmentally appropriate curriculum, methods and teaching practices.
  4. Design developmentally appropriate activities that adhere to industry standards.
  5. Apply oral and written communication skills and research practices to discuss information related to early childhood education issues and topics.


Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood Education
12 Credits
Admission Requirements

Applicants interested in pursuing a graduate certificate in Early Childhood Education must meet the general admission requirements for GRADUATE ADMISSIONS.

Program Requirement

For more information about the program requirements and completion refer to the University Catalog.


MAE535: Curriculum Across Content Areas for Diverse Young Learners

This course focuses on the design and implementation of individualized and culturally responsive learning opportunities and curriculum for young children with and without disabilities in inclusive early childhood environments (i.e., child care centers, preschool, Head Start, early elementary school). Students will deepen their understanding of and ways of responding to young learners with a wide range of abilities and diverse backgrounds.

MAE537: Developing Language, Literature & Communication of Diverse Young Learners

This course examines strategies to develop language, literacy, and communication in young children with varying abilities. It explores the importance of adult-child interaction and the effect of bilingualism, cultural diversity, cognitive ability, and language disorders.

MAE539: Methods of Teaching Early Childhood

This course provides a foundation in program content and methodology for the teaching of language and literacy, the arts, and physical activity and physical education to young children, including children with special needs. Curricular content, modifications, integration of content area standards, the impact of new technology, and cultural and sociopolitical contexts are explored.

MAE541: Maintaining an Effective Learning Climate

This course examines developmentally effective strategies used in managing a positive learning environment within the framework of today’s diverse early childhood population. Topics include classroom management strategies, professional standards of practice for early childhood education, theories of motivation in young learners, managing diverse classrooms and families.