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Travel information

Pre-Arrival Information

  • Review your I-20 document when you receive it and check that all the information is correct (spelling of your name, your birth date, program dates, etc)

  • Pay SEVIS fee

  • Locate your local U.S. consulate or embassy office  and schedule an appointment for a visa interview

  • Create a folder for all your important documents and make extra copies of all your immigration documents

  • Carefully read the international orientation information

  • Visit your doctor and get a health check-up

  • Arrange for travel to the U.S. and plan to arrive at least one week before the first day of orientation

  • Inform the OIEPS office of your travel arrangement and request airport or shuttle pick up service at least one week before the first day of orientation

  • Plan your finances and make arrangements with your local bank about banking options overseas

  • Arrange for travel from airport to your local U.S. housing


Post-Arrival Information

  • Check in with DSO and bring passport, I-94 card and any other international paperwork

  • Attend new international student orientation

  • Locate permanent housing and update your local address

  • Research bank options

  • Research mobile phone options

  • Research public transportation