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Post Master’s Graduate Certificate in Nurse Educator

Post Master’s Graduate Certificate in Nurse Educator

12 Credits / 4 Courses Total / 1 Course Every Session (8 Weeks)
Delivery Mode: 100% Online

This graduate certificate is designed for nurses who want to learn how to design curriculum and courses using the latest technology to teach in nursing education. Applicants with one advanced nursing degree, i.e., Master’s or doctoral, are eligible for this Post Master’s Certificate option. Students will learn how to design teaching plans, implement evidence based teaching strategies, design and evaluate curriculum in online, hybrid, academic and other settings.

Admission Requirements

The post master’s graduate certificate in Nurse Educator has program specific requirements for admission in addition to the general admission requirements.

Applicants interested in pursuing graduate certificates in Health Care Leadership or Nurse Educator must have hold one advanced nursing degree: i.e., Master’s or doctoral in nursing. Please refer to the nursing certificate program within this catalog. Applicants must hold an unencumbered RN license in state where they reside.

Program Requirements

*Students must earn a grade of B or better in each course to receive the certificate. Students receiving a grade below a B must retake the course before credit is given.

Tuition & Cost

Per Credit Hour: $325
Estimated Tuition: $4,140 (including fees)

Graduate Certificate in Nurse Educator Total
12 Credits


MSN 574: Curriculum Design and Development in Nursing

Students will learn how to design and develop innovative and creative nursing curriculum to meet the challenges of an evolving technological and complex health care system. Students will consider traditional and contemporary methods of curriculum planning and design for revolutionizing nursing education. Emphasis is placed on philosophy, theory, curriculum planning, design, implementation and evaluation.

Prerequisite: MSN553 Advanced Health and Physical Assessment Across the Lifespan

3 Credits

MSN 575: Online Teaching and Learning Strategies in Nursing

This course focuses on teaching and learning strategies adapted to online and distance learning. Students will explore classroom tactics to engage the learner within an online environment. The course will explore strategies for content delivery, incorporation of various learning platforms, and the use of emerging online instructional technologies.

Prerequisite: MSN574 Curriculum Design and Development in Nursing

3 Credits

45 Practicum Hours

MSN 576: Educational and Instructional Technology

This course will introduce students to educational platforms using a variety of computer and technology-based media utilized in online or blended courses. The focus is on providing students with skill acquisition in the application of cutting edge online classroom technologies to engage online learners. Examination of current technologies in multimedia, interactive software, online testing, clinical practice and telehealth will be explored.

Prerequisite: MSN575 Online Teaching and Learning Strategies in Nursing

3 Credits

MSN 577: Educational Assessment and Evaluation Outcomes

This course will examine the principles and practices in assessment and evaluation outcome methods. Assessment strategies and evaluation processes relevant to course and nursing program outcomes will be examined. Students will develop learning outcomes, construct valid and reliable student measurements, and analyze testing data for classroom, skills labs and clinical practice environments in both on-ground and online learning.

Prerequisite: MSN576 Educational and Instructional Technology

3 Credits

(Optional) MSN 578: Specialist Clinical Practicum for Nurse Educators

The 135 hours of precepted clinical practice time required affords the student clinical decision-making opportunities in the specialist clinical nurse educator role through the application of theoretical concepts and strategies for a diverse patient population in a variety of clinical settings. The specialist clinical role for the nurse educator will be analyzed and applied in collaboration with a master’s or doctoral prepared nurse preceptor with
experience in the clinical specialty. Evidence-based strategies will be developed into a comprehensive learning plan to engage learners in active learning and implemented to meet mutually determined outcomes. Clinical
evaluations will be performed using evaluation rubrics. Project Concert will be used to track students’ clinical experiences. *Nurse educator graduate students licensed and practicing in the state of Tennessee need to choose a teaching preceptor in a clinical specialty area. Others may choose an academic or clinical specialty setting.

3 C redits