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USU Change In Ownership Announcement

USU Marketing Team
August 2, 2017

United States University has submitted a Change in Ownership proposal to its regional accreditor.  If approved, the Aspen Group, a post-secondary education company, would replace Linden Education Partners as owners of the university.

The practical impact of the proposed ownership change is reflected in the mission of the Aspen Group: providing any motivated college-worthy students the opportunity to receive a high quality education for the purpose of achieving sustainable economic and social benefits for themselves and their families. Aspen Group Chairman and CEO Michael Mathews, has affirmed Aspen’s intention to implement a tuition model through which an affordable monthly payment plan with no interest in lieu of federal financial aid is made available to all United States University students. Such a model will materially relieve our students’ overall debt burden. As well as providing additional payment options, tuition reductions have also been made in certain programs.

Aspen Group intends to continue operating United States University as an independent, for-profit university governed by its own board of trustees. The proposed Change in Ownership is subject to the regulatory approval of the United States Department of Education, the WASC Senior College and University Commission, and state regulatory and programmatic accreditation bodies.