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CPR & First Aid Certification Fall/Winter Series

USU Marketing Team
August 17, 2017

Back by popular demand, LifeSavers of San Diego is returning to USU to hold CPR & First Aid Certification classes this fall and winter! This class is open to all of our students, neighbors, and friends in San Diego and the surrounding community.

The courses include all materials, and your certificate will be issued at the end of the event. This certification is by the American Heart Association, meets all of the professional requirements for CPR & First Aid, and is valid for 2 years after the date of issue.


Class Dates:

You only need to attend one class to become certified. Each class runs for about three hours.


This class offers two types of training (select one):

  • CPR/AED & First Aid – $58 – This class class involves learning and practicing the procedure of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation on Adults, Children and Infants.  There also is a demonstration of the Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) and all its benefits. This machine will electronically shock the heart back to a normal rhythm when in a state of trauma or V-fib. It also adds the knowledge and care of many different scenarios including choking (the Heimlich maneuver), snakebites, broken bones, EpiPen administration, and more.
  • Healthcare Provider Basic Life Support (BLS) – $58 – This course is for those who are already within the healthcare profession. It teaches both single-rescuer and team basic life support skills for application in both pre-hospital and in-facility environments.


Reserve your spot today:
Walk-ins welcome, RSVP preferred.
Call Dave Helfman at (619) 772-8730 or email

Directions to our campus:
United States University
7675 Mission Valley Road, San Diego, CA 92108