Housing & Transportation

Housing Choices

There’s something for everyone – USU offers many living options.  Homestay with a local family offers a wonderful opportunity to experience American culture and practice English.  Off-campus housing offers students the ability to choose their own roommate, and live in the many distinct neighborhoods around the greater San Diego area.



USU has coordinated numerous homestay opportunities for international students that are a short distance from the San Diego campus.  The advantages of choosing homestay are that the student has the option of a private room, a family environment and immersion in the American way of life.  Also two meals per day are provided (breakfast and dinner) 7 days a week.  Cost per month is approximately $850.


Off-campus Housing

San Diego has numerous apartments, condominiums, and homes available for students seeking to immerse themselves in the culture of Southern California.  Students seeking more independence should consider this option.  Costs per month ranges from approximately $600 to $900 per month for a shared apartment.  Individual apartments are available as well.



USU International Shuttle Service Policy

Effective December 1, 2014

  • Shuttle service includes airport pickups and transportation between homestays and the University.
  • One (1) roundtrip between homestay and the University is provided by the shuttle service on class days.
  • Shuttle service will be free for new international students for the first month.
  • A fee of $300 dollars per month will be charged for the shuttle service after the first month.
  • The shuttle service fee must be paid the first day of each month.
  • Schedule changes for the shuttle service must be submitted 48 hours in advance to the International Advisor
  • No shuttle services will be available during holidays and weekends.

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