Graduate Certificate in Information Technology

The Information Technology (IT) graduate certificate covers all aspects of technology infrastructure, including hardware, operating systems, applications, data storage and communication systems related to business. Companies are highly dependent upon information technology and the professionals that manage the organization’s information technology infrastructure. Critical to the program is the design of the business processes that take advantage of the technologies, the development of managerial procedures and policies to protect these assets and social, legal, financial, organizational and ethical issues in the context of the modern organization.

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IT professionals provide customer service with a focus on technology. They work to meet the computer technology needs of business, government, healthcare, schools, and other kinds of organizations. Their emphasis is on the “technology” more than the content or information it conveys. The Information Technology certificate teaches these critical skills in the context of business and technology.

An emphasis is placed on tools and methods for the analysis and design of information systems and the management and organizational skills needed for their implementation. The program covers SAS Visual Analytics, Business Intelligence (BI) Reports, Data Visualization for Problem Solving and other technologies for multidimensional analysis, basic Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) for BI, and SQL with OLAP extensions.

Graduate Certificate in Information Technology Total: 12 Credits

Course Requirements: