Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Administration

This graduate certificate program in Higher Education Administration is designed for individuals who are planning or are enhancing a career in a broad range of administrative positions in higher education institutions. The certificate will provide core knowledge for administrative processes in the context of higher education institutions.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Analyze different organizational, communication, and management styles in higher education.
  2. Critically analyze the historical and current mission and organization of community colleges.
  3. Analyze strategic planning involved in the selection, recruitment and selection process in institutions of higher learning.
  4. Design training, development, and performance appraisals to increase organizational effectiveness and efficiency.
Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Administration
12 Credits
Admission Requirements

Applicants interested in pursuing a graduate certificate in Higher Education Administration must meet the general admission requirements for GRADUATE ADMISSIONS.

Program Requirements

For more information about program requirements and completion refer to the University Catalog.


MAE591: Higher Education Administration and Leadership

The course focuses on strategic leadership and decision making, specifically in the context of the higher educational setting. The course examines contemporary leadership theories, with emphasis on transformational and transactional leadership styles. Application of principles of organizational change, team dynamics, strategic planning and other topics that a leader of higher education need to know to successfully lead organizations of higher learning.

MAE592: The Community College

This course is designed to provide students with a working knowledge of the structures, functions, policies, major issues, and concerns within the community college system, and provides opportunities to engage in an amalgam of thoughtful analysis to address community college matters and issues through readings, discussions, research, and leadership.

MAE594: Student Services

This course will provide a broad overview of the many functional areas of student services in higher education institutions.  Students will be in introduced to theoretical underpinnings of student services as well as reflect upon their own philosophy and values as it relates to various student services areas.  Topics to be covered include:  the historical development of higher education institutions and student services, issues impacting diverse populations and campus climate, theoretical underpinnings of student service areas, organizing and managing programs, and future developments in the field.

MAE596: Human Resources Management in Higher Education

The course examines the Human Resources function in higher education and explores how Human Resources can become a transformative department.