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College of Nursing & Health Sciences

Post Master’s Graduate Certificate in Health Care Leadership

12 Semester Credits
Delivery Mode: Online

The Post Master’s Graduate Certificate in Health Care Leadership is available to any nurse who holds at least one earned higher degree in nursing, i.e., MSN, MN, DNP, PhD., who desires to expand their knowledge in nursing leadership.
Courses taken after completion of a degree program in order to complete the certificate are not eligible for financial aid. This 12 credit 100% online certificate option requires satisfactory completion (a grade of at least a “B” for each of four courses) and offers an optional clinical leadership residency (90 clock hours).

Admission Requirements

The post master’s graduate certificate in Health Care Leadership has program specific requirements for admission in addition to the general admission requirements.

Applicants interested in pursuing graduate certificates in Health Care Leadership or Nurse Educator must have hold one advanced nursing degree: i.e., Master’s or doctoral in nursing. Please refer to the nursing certificate program within this catalog. Applicants must hold an unencumbered RN license in state where they reside.

Program Requirements

*Students must earn a grade of B or better in each course to receive the certificate. Students receiving a grade below a B must retake the course before credit is given.

Tuition & Cost

Per Credit Hour: $325
Estimated Tuition: $4,140 (including fees)

Completion Time

2 semesters/4 months·       


MSN 580: Strategic Planning and Project Management in Healthcare

This course examines a variety of strategic planning methodologies and the theoretical perspectives behind each. It will review strategic planning process and resources allocation, and students will participate in the exploration of national health care delivery policy, financing structures, and review a development of marketing plans in health care.

3 Credits

MSN 581: Innovation in Organizational and Systems Leadership

This course will leverage current and emerging trends and innovations in health care system to enhance their organization and system leadership skillsets and leadership opportunities. Students will have the opportunity to explore sustainable solutions for today’s complex healthcare systems in a transdisciplinary environment.

3 Credits

MSN 582: Leadership and Organizational Behavior

This course will examine the nuances of leadership roles and organizational behaviors in today’s complex health systems. Students will learn to design, implement and lead transformation in complex healthcare systems.

3 Credits

MSN 584: Quality Measures, Safety, and Improving Patient Outcomes

This course focuses on the key drivers affecting healthcare delivery such as the Quality and Safety movement. Students will learn methods of assessing quality and techniques for improving quality. They will learn how to develop a patient safety, and quality assurance program in healthcare.

3 Credits

(Optional) MSN 587: Residency in Nursing Leadership and Systems Management

The course focuses on the Clinical Nurse Leader and System Management role immersion. This course includes 90 clinical residency hours.

2 Credits
90 Clinical Residency Hours