Welcome to the College of Education

Welcome to the College of Education at US University! 

At the College of Education we are offering a Teaching Credential Program (TCP) and a Master of Art in Education (MAED).

We are very proud of our Teaching Credential Program because our students leave prepared and very satisfied and are soon able to find placement in a school.

USU offers a TCP for Elementary School Teachers and a TCP for Middle and High School Teachers.

Our TCP is all online except for the Student Teaching portion which is on ground. This modality is well suited for busy professionals.

We also offer a combination of a Teaching Credential Program with a MAED, that is, once students have completed their TCP they may add 6 courses from the MAED program and they obtain a Masters Degree.

If you are fluent in English and Spanish you may be interested in the Bilingual Authorization Option.  By adding 3 courses to your TCP you are qualified to teach in a bilingual school program.

We are particularly excited about our MAED program because we have recently added four STEM Specializations.

Our MAED Program is all online and can be accomplished in a year.  This modality is well suited for busy professionals.   The MAED is comprised of 7 core courses, 4 Specialization courses and 1 Capstone course.

The following six of our MAED programs are for Credentialed Teachers:

MAED with Specialization in:

  • K-12 Administration and Leadership
  • Special Education
  • Effective K- 6 STEM Education
  • Effective 7-12 STEM Education, Natural Science
  • Effective 7-12 STEM Education, Math and Engineering
  • Effective 7-12 STEM Education, Computer Science and Technology

The following two of our MAED Programs are for students with a Bachelor’s Degree.

MAED with Specialization in:

  • Higher Education Administration
  • Early Childhood Education