Disability Services

In accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the University does not discriminate against individuals with a disability. Qualified individuals with a disability may request a reasonable accommodation to allow full participation in academic or student activities, including applications for admission and financial aid. Qualified individuals with a disability who need a reasonable accommodation should use the University’s Disability Accommodation Request Form to submit the request. The form must be submitted to the University’s Disability Compliance Officer. University faculty or staff who becomes aware that a student is disabled and wants a reasonable accommodation must direct the student to speak with the University’s Disability Compliance Officer.

The University’s Disability Compliance Officer will be the single point of contact for students requesting reasonable accommodations. The Disability Compliance Officer is listed below with her contact information.


Jennifer Strobel




When a student is referred to the Disability Compliance Officer, the Officer will schedule a time to speak with the student to explain this policy. If the student asks for a reasonable accommodation, he or she will be directed to complete the Disability Accommodation Request Form. Once the Disability Compliance Officer receives the completed form, it will be reviewed. The student may be required to provide additional information, including information from a licensed medical provider substantiating the disability and the requested accommodation. The Disability Compliance Officer will coordinate the interactive process with the student to determine what reasonable accommodation is necessary to allow the student to fully participate.


If the student disagrees with or is not satisfied with the proposed reasonable accommodation, the student may appeal the decision in writing to the University President.