Angelina Winslett, Student Senate President

I am happy to be your Student Senate President, representing the USU community is an honor. You will find that I am committed to lead USU in a position of excellence in community service, excellence in knowledge in safe quality care, and providing mentorship to others in the community that are interested in the Nursing Field. I will advocate for the needs of the students by building a relationship with others to achieve our goals in patient care.
I have 21 years of experience as a nurse. I have been involved in many committees as the Chair and Co-Chair. Examples are People Council with the mission of celebrating the accomplishments of our healthcare providers (Nurses, Ancillary Staff, and Volunteers) Daisy Award, Nurse Excellence and Employee of the Month. Research Council with the mission of researching best practices and developing guidelines and educational sessions. RN Residency Marketing and Recruitment Chair with the purpose of developing marketing strategies and recruitment fairs for the RN Residency Program.