Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN)

The RN to BSN program is designed for the Associate Degree nurse to build on the leadership and management skills introduced in previous nursing programs while expanding the art and science of nursing into the baccalaureate level.  This program is grounded in a Caring Science model to teach the theoretical and evidenced-based practice of nursing.

The RN to BSN program is offered online over one year with each course session lasting 8 weeks. Students complete one clinical internship experience where they live with a focus on community or global health during NUR 379 Global Community Service Project Internship and a second clinical internship experience where they live with a focus on leadership, or emerging roles in nursing during NUR 380 Professional Nursing Leadership. California-licensed RNs will be eligible to apply for a Public Health Certificate from the BRN upon completion of the RN to BSN program.  The program is capped by a project that allows the student to highlight their leadership and management skills for current or future professional advancement.

The College of Nursing has implemented new instructional strategies to provide an interactive, engaged curriculum for our distant learners. Courses may utilize real-time face-to-face instruction via web conference, phone conference, and/or live chats with fellow students and faculty.  Students may work as teams with peers and mentors, participate in demonstrations, interact with computer-simulated patients, and actively examine case studies.  Courses will include online lectures, discussions, social networking, viewing video’s, examining evidence, readings, and/or other activities for preparation for class.

Entry Options: 

There are two entry options for this degree program.  The first entry option is for the nursing student or registered nurse who wants to apply to the RN to BSN program but has not completed all of the prerequisites with an earned minimum grade of a C in each course.  This option allows students to complete one or more of the prerequisite courses at USU and apply for financial aid.  Students admitted to the RN to BSN who are missing prerequisite courses will be admitted into the Pre-BSN option and will be moved into the next available cohort upon completion of the prerequisite courses and all admission requirements and submission of an “Admission to the Cohort” form.

The second entry option is for the nurse with an Associate Degree or Diploma in Nursing who is a registered nurse (or scheduled to take the NCLEX) and has completed all of the requirements for direct admission into the core nursing courses including all the prerequisites. .  Applicants who have completed the pre-licensure component of an entry level Master of Science degree in Nursing and are licensed will be considered on an individual basis.

Admissions Requirements (USU uses a holistic application process and each student is considered on their own merits by the admission committee).

  • Complete and submit an application for admission with a non-refundable application fee;
  • Submitted documentation of high school graduation or its equivalent;
  • Complete an enrollment agreement (must be signed by a parent or guardian if the applicant is under 18 years of age);
  • Submit official transcripts from all previously attended colleges or universities. (Foreign transcripts must be translated and evaluated by an acceptable agency);
  • Only credits from accredited institutions will be accepted in transfer.
  • Failure to report any previous academic work at another college or university is considered a violation of academic integrity
  • Have a valid unrestricted, unencumbered RN license in the State where you reside and work, or date for NCLEX scheduled before the end of the first semester in a core nursing course.
  • Have an unencumbered California Registered Nurse (RN) license (may be temporary license), or date for NCLEX scheduled. NCLEX must be passed before completing the first semester of core nursing classes with an application for license pending.
  • Have an Associate Degree in Nursing from an accredited Institution (a diploma in nursing will be considered if official transcripts are available).
  • Satisfactory criminal background check and drug screening
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 in an Associate’s Degree or diploma (a diploma in nursing will be considered if official transcripts are available) in nursing from an accredited college or university.

-Have obtained a minimum of a grade of “C” or better in all nursing courses.

-Have obtained a minimum of a grade of “C” or better in all transferred general education courses and in math/science courses.

  • Weaver Reading Assessment
  • To start the Nursing Core: Complete all of the prerequisite foundation courses with an earned minimum grade of C in each course and have passed the Weaver Reading Assessment at the 11th grade level.
    1. Written communication (COM 204 for equivalent for 3 credits)
    2. Introductory Chemistry with a lab (CHM 102 and CHM 102L or equivalent for 4 credits)
    3. Statistics (MAT 241 A or equivalent for 3 credits)
    4. Growth and Development Across the Lifespan (PSY 495 or equivalent for 3 credits)
  • English as a second language students: minimum TEAS score at the Proficient level which is Overall 58.7%, Reading 69 %, Mathematics 63.3%, Science 45.8%, and English/Language Usage 60.0% taken within the past year. The TEAS exam may only be taken three (3) times in one (1) year.
  • Interview with Admissions Committee as needed (this may be by submitting a video, Web based interview or by phone.)

Application Deadline:

The RN to BSN program uses a cohort model.  Admission to the Associate Degree to BSN is three times a year in Fall 1 , Spring 1 and Summer 1. 

 A cohort may not run if a minimum number of students are not admitted.

Admission to the Pre-BSN option occurs on a rolling admission basis so students can immediately start taking their prerequisite courses. Students admitted into this option are guaranteed a place in the RN to BSN program upon successful completion of the prerequisites and other requirements in the next available cohort.


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