Master of Arts in Education

The Master of Arts degree in education (MAED) is designed for educators who are interested in enhancing their career through advanced professional knowledge and for non-education professionals who are seeking a career change.

We deliver a “BLUE-RIBBON” experience that is student centered and exemplifies excellence, equity, rigor, and integrity.

Program features include:

  • Small university with 1:1 nurturing and interaction
  • The instructional schema is personalized
  • Online classes that meet your unique needs
  • Collegial Cohort Model
  • The USU culture is that of a global/diverse/inclusive community welcoming ethnically, culturally, and linguistically gifted students with a specific outreach to the traditionally underserved
  • Incomparable stamina between USU staff and students to stay the course to completion that bridges the gap between educational equity and the advancement of students that are traditionally underserved
  • USU is affordable with opportunities for scholarships, financial aid, and tuition counseling

MAED 36 semester credits, 3 semesters, 12 months. Open Enrollment every two months; duration is 8 months if Teaching Credential is taken at USU.

1. The MAED offers the following specializations for credentialed teachers:

  • Administration and Leadership, K-12 (for Credentialed Teachers)
  • Effective K-6 STEM Education (Elementary)
  • Effective 7-12 STEM Education Applied Mathematics & Engineering (Middle/High School Credentialed Teachers)
  • Effective 7-12 STEM Education Natural Sciences (Middle/High School Credentialed Teachers)
  • Effective 7-12 STEM Education Computer Sciences & Technology (Middle/High School Credentialed Teachers)

2. The MAED offers the Specialization in Special Education with Special Education Credential

3. The MAED also offers the following Specializations where the Teaching Credential is not needed:

  • Higher Education Administration
  • Early Childhood Education

Degree Requirements

  • Core Requirements 24 credits
  • Specialization Requirements 12 credits

Admission Requirements

  • Have earned the equivalent of a US Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution
  • Submit official transcripts from the bachelor-degree awarding institution(s), and any post-bachelor degree institution including any master’s degree or credits
  • Programs with undergraduate prerequisites require official transcripts from the originating institution. (Foreign transcripts must be translated and evaluated by a University acceptable agency)
  • Have a cumulative Undergraduate GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • International students must have a minimum TOEFL score of 500 (paper-based)/173 computer-based /61 (online)

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Masters of Arts in Education the student will be able to:

  • Write and present scholarly essays and on policy, programs and issues relating to education and education leadership
  • Apply quantitative and qualitative research to practical problems in education.
  • Effectively gather, analyze and integrate information to guide practice
  • Critically analyze the historical, social, economic, and political influences on education institutions and practices.
  • Identify and analyze social,  legal and ethical issues that arise in education practices and institutions
  • Analyze research and theories exposing inequities in educational access, opportunities and practices; propose solutions to enhance rather than restrict opportunities
  • Collaborate in a community of practice

Gainful Employment Disclosure for the Master of Arts in Education