Bachelor of Arts in Management

Start your business career with a degree from the US University School of Management

US University’s bachelor’s degree in management prepares students for work in a variety of business roles and settings. In this program, students develop an understanding of the core competencies necessary to be successful in today’s business environment.

Program features include:

  • Small class sizes with the personal attention needed to help you succeed
  • Faculty who are both scholars and experienced business practitioners
  • Federal financial aid available to qualified students

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Accurately and effectively communicate business concepts in written and oral presentations.
  • Utilize quantitative and qualitative research findings to support management decisions.
  • Demonstrate  ability  to  utilize  multiple  sources  of  information  in  addressing  business challenges.
  • Utilize critical and analytical skills to synthesize information and create innovative solutions.
  • Describe the ethical obligations of profit and non-profit businesses.
  • Explain how diversity of opinion and perspective impact team processes and outcomes.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of theory and practices of different organizational structures and how they support organizational goals and responsibilities

Gainful Employment Disclosure for the Bachelor of Arts in Management