Our University

Welcome to United States University!

US University recruits and prepares adults from the local community to provide needed bilingual and bicultural services in both education and health care.

Since we first opened our doors with 12 working-adult students in 1997, more than 800 students have attended InterAmerican College, now known as United States University, on either a full-time or part-time basis.

The one characteristic that makes our University unique among other local universities is the diversity of our students and faculty. What surprises even the casual visitor is the cultural and linguistic diversity of the students and staff. This is partially the result of design and partially the result of the changing demographics of Southern California.

US University has created a spirit of community. As returning adults, US University students understand the stress of meeting work and family responsibilities while meeting class deadlines and preparing for exams. They are here to help one other, to encourage one another, and to ensure that everyone is respected for their culture and their language proficiency. This spirit reduces the affective filter and allows students to learn in a safe and accepting environment.

Our student-centered instruction is based on the following:

  • Understanding adult learners
  • Identifying learning outcomes
  • Assessing students’ knowledge and skills
  • Setting goals, objectives, and standards
  • Facilitating classroom learning