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Jennifer Newmann, M.B.A., Ed.D.

October 10, 2016

Dr. Jennifer Newmann, Provost and Division Chair of the MBA program in the College of Business at United States University, earned her Bachelor of Science from Arizona State University, MBA from National University, and doctorate from University of California San Diego in Organizational Development and Educational Leadership. Dr. Newmann is also a successful entrepreneur from the San Diego area. She has owned and operated 4 businesses over the last two decades, managing large and small organizations in both education and private industry. In addition to her practical experience in the corporate and small business world, Dr. Newmann has worked in academia for almost 20 years, working in student services as well as teaching economics, information literacy, and undergraduate and graduate level business courses. Dr. Newmann currently teaches human resource management, cross cultural management, marketing, organizational behavior, and project management in both undergraduate and graduate programs. In her spare time, Dr. Newmann is an avid reader and is currently editing a couple of book series in her spare time. She also has a family and enjoys the beautiful beaches in San Diego, reading, and taking road trips throughout the Southwest and Mexico.