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Cynthia A. Leaver, PhD, APRN, FNP-BC

October 28, 2016

Dr. Cynthia Leaver is the Associate Dean of Faculty and Research in the College of Nursing at United States University. She received her AD and BSN in Nursing from Mount Saint Mary’s College, Los Angeles, CA; her MS in Nursing from University of San Diego; and her PhD in Nursing from Catholic University, Washington DC. Dr. Leaver completed the OnLine Educator Certificate through the University of Indiana, Office of Life Long Learning. Sponsored by Bravewell Collaborative, she completed a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in integrative medicine at NIH/NINR/CC, and completed the Integrative Medicine program with Dr. Andrew Wile, at University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine.  She has practiced in many capacities within the profession of nursing over the course of her 30-year career as a nurse.   Dr. Leaver has taught undergraduate and graduate nursing in both on-campus and on-line arena over the last ten years and maintains an active clinical practice, implementing telehealth, as a family nurse practitioner. Dr. Leaver retains a seat on a nursing research council, and is actively involved in nursing professional organizations. She enjoys walking, gardening, cooking, and spending time visiting with family and friends.