Whistleblowing Policy

United States University encourages all trustees, faculty, staff, employees and students, acting in good faith, to report violations of university policy, violations of State, Federal or local law, safety concerns, or misuse of university property or authority for personal gain. The University is committed to protecting individuals from interference with making a disclosure under this policy and from retaliation as a result of it.  Individuals may not retaliate against another individual who has made a disclosure. Individuals may not use or attempt to use their authority or influence related to their university position to interfere with another individual’s rights to make a disclosure as provided for in this Policy.

This Policy is intended to encourage the disclosure of wrongful conduct or safety concerns to the appropriate officials so that prompt and appropriate corrective action can be taken.


Policy Guidelines

Retaliation Prohibited – no individual making a disclosure will be subject to retaliation. Any individual who retaliates against another individual as a result of a disclosure is subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

Students, faculty, staff or administrators who submit or support a filed grievance may not be subjected to retaliation. Incidents of retaliation should be immediately reported to President/CEO, the Provost, or a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

Confidentiality –Disclosures may be made on a confidential basis by an individual or may be submitted anonymously. Disclosures will be kept confidential to the extent possible, consistent with the need to investigate and applicable law.

Administration – Disclosures should be made to the applicable offices listed below. Such offices are charged to notify the disclosing individual (if not anonymous) and acknowledge receipt of the submission within ten (10) working days. All submissions will be investigated within sixty (60) days and appropriate corrective action will be taken if warranted by the results of the investigation.

False allegation – any individual who knowingly or with reckless disregard for the truth gives false information or knowingly makes a false report of wrongful conduct or retaliation will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. Reports made that are not eventually substantiated yet are made in good faith do not subject the disclosing individual to such disciplinary action.

Reporting concerns individuals should report their concerns under this Policy to an individual who can address them properly. In many cases, the individual’s supervisor is in the best position to address an area of concern. If an individual is uncomfortable making such a submission to his or her supervisor or is not satisfied with the response received from that supervisor, individuals should submit their concerns to the offices below which will investigate and/or address the concern as appropriate.


Academic Misconduct

  • Faculty Related – Provost or Dean of the College
  • Student Related – Vice President of Compliance


All other matters may be reported to the Vice President of Compliance.

The Vice President of Compliance will summarize all disclosures under this policy for periodic updates, at least annually, to the Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees