Appreciation for Professor Sayim

Hello Dr. Jack and Dr. Newmann,


I just wanted to write a quick note on Professor Sayim.


Prof. Sayim is by far one of the best professors I have worked with. In assessing every professor there are two characteristics: the depth of his knowledge, his ability to translate and make it interesting to students and his general care for the concern of students.


Prof. Sayim has fantastic depth of corporate finance; he has managed to get our entire class excited about studying corporate finance. We’ve had a weekend session with very lively debates on startups and company finances.


The second part is his ability to translate it to us and make it interesting being able to explain things relevant to us like our companies (the ones we work at…) and also to the current news.


And finally he’s extremely considerate to us and our needs as a class and an epitome of humility.


Personally he was helpful in getting my startup some financial insights.


Thank you for finding us such a great professor! 🙂


(student of Prof. Sayim)


P.S: The new campus is fantastic. Loved walking to lunch and am excited for the new WIFI that will be super fast!




United States University is proud to have Professor Sayim and is grateful for his contribution to his students. Learn more about programs at US University.