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Finishing Your Degree at US University? Get Credit!

If you started a university program at another accredited university or you took exams that counted as credit, you may be able to get these credits transferred to your US University program and graduate sooner. Take a look at which credits may transfer, and be sure to tell your enrollment advisor all about them. To help transfer students take the next step in completing their degrees, United States University offers a 10% discount on tuition to students transferring from California Community Colleges.  Contact an advisor for a one-on-one transfer evaluation today!

Transfer Credit

The University accepts up to 90 semester credits to the undergraduate programs. Courses considered for transfer credit must have a grade of C or better.

United States University has a Residency Requirement of 30 credits for all undergraduate programs. This requires that no less than 30 credits must be completed at United States University in order for the university to confer a degree.

The University accepts up to 20 percent of the semester credits required to complete the specific master’s level program from accredited graduate level institutions provided the transferred course(s) meet the same general content standards as the University course. Courses considered for transfer credit must have a grade of B or better.

All transferred credits must come from an accredited post-secondary institution or from approved non-traditional resources, i.e. ACE, CLEP, DANTES, Excelsior, SMART, EduKan, Straightline, or Prior Learning Assessment.

Courses transferred into the General Education must meet subject area standards; upper division courses and graduate courses transferred in must meet the same general content standards as the USU course equivalent.

A sealed official transcript is required from the transferring institution and additional documentation may be required, i.e. catalog descriptions or a course syllabi.

Transfer Credit Process

To determine which courses will transfer, follow the steps below:

  • Make an appointment with an admissions advisor
  • Notify your admissions advisor of your desire to transfer credit and provide a list of courses to be transferred or unofficial transcripts from the schools you have attended to receive an unofficial evaluation.
  • Request  official  transcripts  from  all  previously attended institutions for an official evaluation.
  • USU will request will request transcripts on behalf of the students and apply any charges to the students account upon approval from the student.
  • Students who completed university coursework outside the United States must submit transcripts that    have been translated and evaluated. Transcripts should come directly from the issuing institution to academic records and should be sent to:

United States University
Attn: Transcript Evaluator

7675 Mission Valley Road
San Diego, CA 92108

All records submitted to the university become the property of the university and are placed in the students’ permanent file. No confidential information will be released without students’ authorization. If students do not complete the admission application, the Student Services Department will keep their records as prescribed by state regulations.

Note: Students may be requested to submit course descriptions and/or syllabi to assist in determining course equivalency.

Upon receipt of all official transcripts the Student Advocate in the student services department will complete the evaluation of all courses and apply transfer credit.

Notification will be email to students once the evaluation has been completed.  Students who wish to appeal the decision of the Student Advocate may do so in writing to the Dean of the College where the course(s) in question resides. I.E. General Education courses fall under the Dean of Arts and Sciences.

Non-Traditional Credit

The following non-traditional credit is also accepted: United States University adheres to the principal that all learning does not take place in the classroom.  The University welcomes students from a wide variety of backgrounds and learning experiences. Many students come to our institution with a firm grounding in a particular discipline. We recognize their prior learning by accepting a full range of non-traditional Credit.

  •     Advanced Placement (AP) Test
  •     College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
  •     Challenge Examination (CE)
  •     DSST Get College Credit
  •     Military Service
  •     Credit for Experiential Learning
  •     Excelsior
  •     Straightline
  •     ACE
  •     EduKan