USU Faculty Newsletter Volume 1, February 2014

Welcome from the Provost

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the department of academic affairs e-newsletter. We anticipate publishing it three times per calendar year. The purpose of the newsletter is to disseminate information about events at United States University to our institutional community. For those of you new to the university, the Department of Academic Affairs is comprised of four colleges: Business and Management, Education, Arts & Sciences and Nursing. Each college is supervised by a Dean, and a core faculty member is assigned to each program offered by that college. An introductory list of deans and core faculty members may be found below. Additionally the recently initiated division of extended education has begun to recruit for short programs, courses, and certificate programs that emphasize career readiness and professional development. The Office of the Provost, reporting directly to the President of the university is responsible for all academic programs.

Among the many items this newsletter will be focusing on in the year ahead are: the WASC reaffirmation process, initial CCNE accreditation (College of Nursing), reconfirmation of the teacher credentialing programs by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, progress on the academic plan, activities of the Faculty Senate, and developments relating to the rearticulated mission of the university. My best wishes for an engaging and successful academic year.

Deans and Core Faculty Members:

Dr. Rosalinda Milla ( – Dean of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Elizabeth Archer (

Dr. Kamal Gandhi (

Dr. Roberta Maso-Fleischman ( Dean of Education

Marco Curiel (

Dr. Gibson Scheid ( – Dean of Business and Management

Michael Berry (

Debi Erick ( – Dean of Nursing

Steven Litteral ( – Assistant Dean of Nursing

Dr. Maria Luisa Ramira ( Director of Family Nurse Practitioner Program

Monica Munn (

Faculty Profile

Dr. Maria Luisa Ramira (Doctor of Nursing Practice, University of San Diego) is the program director for the Master of Science in Nursing-Family Nurse Practitioner program. She recently promoted USU in Manila, The Philippines at the Philippine Nurses Association Global Summit International Conference in January of 2014. Her recent research project, “Pediatric Pain Management in the Emergency Department: An Evidence-Based Approach,” has been accepted for publication by the peer reviewed publication, The Journal of Pediatric Nursing. Dr. Ramira has recently been recognized by the Professional Development Committee of the Faculty Senate for her scholarly pursuits as well as for the promotion of United States University.