USU Faculty Newsletter Volume 2, June 2014

Welcome to the second edition of the Faculty Newsletter. Please watch for the final addition for 2014 in October.

Introducing New Faculty Members:

Dr. Christina Ballejos-Campos: Dr. Ballejos-Campos received her doctorate from the University of San Diego. Her thesis “The Use of Standardized Procedures in Triage and Their Effect on LWOBS” was successfully defended in April 2012. In addition to United States University she has taught at Southwestern Community College in Chula Vista. She has been a clinical nurse specialist at Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center since 2005. She recently accepted the position of Assistant Dean in the College of Nursing.

Dr. S. Alexander Riley: Dr. Riley recently joined United States University as core faculty for the Master of Science in Health Sciences program. He received his doctorate of psychology from the San Diego University for Integrative Studies with an emphasis on clinical psychology and substance abuse counseling. His book Addiction 101: Being a Human Being First, is being used by the California Penal System in counseling individuals afflicted by an addiction.

Dr. Jennifer Newmann: Dr. Newmann has recently accepted a position as core faculty within the College of Business and Management. She received her doctorate in educational leadership and organizational development from the University of California San Diego. In addition to her teaching experience she has served as technology development coordinator and chief financial officer for local businesses. She has served as adjunct faculty at USU since 2010.

Dr. Yuki Mun: Dr. Mun has also joined United States University as core faculty in the College of Business and Management. A recent recipient of the doctorate of business administration with a concentration in international marketing from Alliant International University in San Diego, her dissertation focused on “An Examination of the Relationships among Perceived Risk, Perceived Knowledge, and College Search Behavior of Students.” Her professional experience includes: manager of procurement, manager of operations, and import and export specialist. A native of South Korea, Dr. Mun has also served on the faculty of California Miramar University and Bangkok University (Thailand).

We look forward to announcing additional core faculty members in October.

Important Dates to Remember:

June 2014- WASC Commission Decision on Substantive Change Request

June 26, 2014- Faculty Senate Meeting

September 8, 2014- CCNE Team Visit (College of Nursing)

November 2014- WASC Offsite visit

April 2015- WASC Campus visit

Congratulations to Dr. Gibson Scheid and the faculty and staff of the College of Business and Management. Both the Bachelors of Arts in Management and Masters of Business Administration have undergone significant program revisions to strengthen learning outcomes and foster the professional growth of its students. Enrollment in the BAM program has more than doubled from a year ago and currently represents almost twenty percent of the university’s enrollment.

Composition of the self-study due to WASC at the conclusion of August has begun. Among the issues vital to the success of the reaffirmation procedure is the application and measurement of learning outcomes embedded within our programs and courses. Dr. Elizabeth Archer is chairing a faculty group focusing on the outcomes of student learning at USU. Thank you in advance for being attentive to her email requests requesting faculty engagement in this very important process.

Thank you again for your ongoing commitment to USU.