Practical Education, Personal Attention

USU is a regionally accredited, student-centered university that empowers every student to succeed. We offer an accessible, nurturing and student-focused education experience to any student – regardless of circumstance – who desires progress in their personal or professional lives. Our diverse faculty forge personal relationships with students, mentoring them throughout their entire educational journey. With small class sizes, 24/7 access and support, and scholarship opportunities, USU is an inclusive community of learning dedicated to the personal and professional growth of our students and graduates.


Our students will achieve their fullest potential to live, work and lead within the global community.


United States University provides professional and personal educational opportunities, with a special outreach to underserved groups.  Through campus and online courses, the University offers affordable, relevant and accessible undergraduate and graduate degree programs and certificates in a supportive student-centered learning environment.

Our Core Values


USU makes education affordable to all with affordable tuition, financial aid and scholarship opportunities.


USU offers a practical education, delivered in small class sizes, that  directly benefits students’ careers.


The USU administration, faculty and student body approach everything we do with integrity, and respect for each other.


When it comes to diversity, we practice what we preach. Our faculty members  speak 20 different languages, and our student body represents countries across the globe.


USU believes that every person deserves access to an education. We offer anyone looking to improve their lives the opportunity to succeed.

Lifelong learning

USU believes that learning is a lifelong exercise. We offer degrees and professional certificates to students of any age or education level.

A Supportive Atmosphere to Learn — and Succeed

US University believes that education is the key that unlocks opportunity for all people – regardless of ethnicity, economic status or native language. USU provides a quality and affordable education to anyone who desires progress in their life or career – whether they are building on an existing education or seeking a chance to start over. USU’s primary goal is to ensure the success of its students. We know that each student is different, with unique needs and circumstances – whether it be language barriers, busy schedules or financial needs. Our degree and professional certificate programs combine in-classroom sessions and one-on-one support with online learning to offer students flexibility and accessibility. USU offers career counseling at the time of admission, so that students can focus their efforts. Our small class sizes and low student/teacher ratio foster a collaborative, welcoming atmosphere where students can learn and progress – and where no one is left behind. Our diverse and dedicated faculty take into account the individual needs of each student, and forge personal relationships that extend far beyond classroom. USU is committed to providing a foundation for success and an opportunity for lifelong learning to each and every student.